Lovely Rowe's Combo Sauna Suit with Double Belt

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LOVELY ROWE'S Combo sauna suit with double belt ensures maximum compression along the abdomen and further prevents rolling, creating a smooth shape. STIMULATE FAT BURNING & WEIGHT LOSS: Increases thermal activity and stimulates sweating, accelerating the belly fat burning process to shape and reduce the waist and abdomen, also shapes your thighs Shed excess water and slim your waist and thighs down fast with this easy-to-use LOVELY ROWE'S Combo Trainer. Feel the warmth as the soft, specially formulated material heats up your mid section and thighs, helping you shed those last few pounds and giving you that lean, cinched look you desire. When you combine the Combo Trainer with regular exercises, you can witness excellent and quick results. You can even wear it while doing your regular activities such as watching TV or doing household chores. Remember this product can only help you lose fat and inches. It cannot tone your muscles permanently. Benefits & Details: Sauna heat action Slims and trims your appearance instantly Adjustable Velcro closure /Hand washable XL - XXL waist area measures up to 46" long and 12' wide XXL - XXXL 48" long and 14" wide XXXL -XXXXL measures up to 52" long and 16" wide XXXXL - XXXXXL waist area measures up to 54" long and 18" wide XXXXXL - XXXXXXXL waist area measures 56" long and 20" wide Adjustable closure for firm fit Burns 150 calories in 40 minutes with exercise Burns belly & back fat Reduces & shrink waist size Sheds water weight Adjustable straps Allows AB muscles to be more visible Spot trains stomach, waist & back Great for working out Tone your thighs while losing inches Lifts Butt Three fasten Velcro straps on thighs Adjust straps for snug fit Spot train your thighs Machine wash and lay flat to dry ​

*** If you are in between sizes and are unsure, please choose next size up. Please measure your waist to know what size to purchase.